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Olivier Bouyssou, brings Weather4D Pro with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Weather4D Pro app has been update to version 1.3.9 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Weather4D PRO is the first application to use the power of GPU for iPad and iPhone to animate the weather like a video. 2D or 3D display is complemented by the continuous scrolling of time which allows to perfectly visualize the evolution of weather phenomena to come. The automatic scrolling can be accelerated or slowed manually by forward or backward in time by simply sliding a finger or by time increments through taps on icons "next / previous".


Global data are based on the 8 day forecast from the U.S. model GFS distributed as GRIB files, and can be complemented by fine mesh forecasts to 96 hours in 1 hour to several areas including western Europe (subscription to WRF). These forecasts are updated four times a day.


Data types:


- Cloud cover
- Precipitations (Rain, Snow)
- Wind 10 m above mean sea level
- Temperature 2 m above mean sea level
- Pressure MSL
- Waves (Height, period & direction)
- Currents

Weather4D ProWeather4D Pro
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Data models:


- Data from NOAA GFS, CMC GEM, WRF, FNMOC WW3, MyOcean & Tidetech models
- Forecasts up to 8 day
- Data steps : 3h, 12h, 24h
- Worldwide Cover
- Resolution : 0.1°, 0.5°, 1°, 2°
- Data updated 4 times a day (every 6 hours)
Weather4D Pro


In addition to all the functions of Weather4D, the PRO version offers advanced features for maritime navigation:


- Isochronous routing (sailing and motor)


- Importing KML or GPX file type to see the movement of the vessel during weather forecasts.


These files can be created by any other navigation applications like iNavX.


- Prediction passage of the Iridium satellites constellation.


I added in Weather4D Pro the display of the Iridium constellation on the globe in 3D and I implemented a function for predict passage of satellites and a search function for find an appointment and retrieve his GRIB files in conditions of optimum reception.


A search button calculates a date based on criteria defined in the "Options prediction" of "Settings". Two criteria are available:


- Minimum elevation (angle mini above the horizon)
- Minimum time range (minimum time of exposure for the elevation choose)


- The import of GRIB file:


The application accepts files Grib type 1 and recognizes the .grb file and grb.gz,. Grb.bz2 for compressed versions. From mail, Safari or any other applications using the mechanism "Open In" you can import files in GRIB Weather4D Pro. Imported files are stored in a folder reserved for them.


- Historical of GRIB files:


- Personal Folder File GRIB:


- Copy / Paste GRIB file


- Share your GRIB files:


Grib files can be sent by attachment in an email or exported to a compatible application (iNavX, File Connect etc ...) via a menu "Open In"


- SailDocs request by Mail


The data are in the form of stacked layers that can be assembled at will. The fine tunings allow to adjust the readability according to the taste of user: modes display, level of transparency, types of symbols, etc.. A "full screen mode" allows you to use the entire screen area.


Weather4D PRO is a user-friendly application incorporating highly advanced features which are mainly destined for demanding sailors for cruising and racing. It relies on highly accurate forecasts developed for professional use worldwide. A powerful routing module associated with the ability to access currents files GRIB with fine mesh makes this single application in its class.
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Weather4D Pro

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Weather4D Pro

Weather4D Pro



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