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Wahoo Fitness, the publisher behind many iOS app (Wahoo Fitness ,Segments), brings Segments with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Segments app has been update to version 1.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Segments by Wahoo Fitness allows you to ride Strava segments indoors on your KICKR Power Trainer!


A Segment is Strava`s term for a specific section of a road, climb or trail. You can create segments from your rides at


This app is a fun and effective way to go head to head against the King or Queen of the Mountain, your friends, or simply compete against your own personal record. Whether it is your favourite neighbourhood dash or a classic alpine ascent on the other side of the world, Segments and KICKR bring the full Strava experience into your home.

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◇◇◇ EXPLORE ◇◇◇


▶ Explore segments on a beautiful map interface.
▶ Find the most popular segments in a given area, or zoom right in to find the exact segment you are after.
▶ View the Strava leaderboard for each segment.
▶ View your best times, both outdoors and on your KICKR.
▶ Not only is Segments a great training tool, it doubles as a fantastic way to browse Strava Segments and leaderboards.


◇◇◇ RACE ◇◇◇


▶ Race against the KOM.
▶ Race against your best Strava time.
▶ Race against any of your past KICKR efforts.
▶ Race against anyone`s time in the leaderboard!
* NOTE: while you can race against anyone, no one can post a leaderboard time or steal a KOM from a KICKR :)


◇◇◇ SIMULATE ◇◇◇


▶ Experience a real-life road feel with the KICKR power trainer from Wahoo Fitness.
▶ Accurately simulates hills, rolling resistance and wind resistance.
▶ Uses your weight and bike weight from your Strava profile for accurate simulation.


◇◇◇ RECORD ◇◇◇


▶ Records your workout data.
▶ Records power, speed and distance from your KICKR.
▶ Records cadence and heart rate from compatible sensors.


◇◇◇ EXPORT ◇◇◇


▶ Export your workouts to Strava, send workout files via email, or upload to a host of third party websites.
▶ Common file formats supported (TCX, GPX, CSV etc.)
* NOTE: GPS data is not included in the export. Your results will not appear on the Strava leaderboards.


(Segments uses your current location to find segments near you. Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.)


Please note that a Strava account is required for the use of segments
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